Multicultural Marketing

Michelsen Advertising has developed clear understandings of diverse consumers – not only through extensive market research – but through our own diverse background. The company itself is composed by a multicultural group consisting of a Cuban American founder who spent many years traveling amongst the top 15 Hispanic markets in the nation to learn about each diverse group. Hence, Michelsen Advertising takes extensive pride in developing a strong awareness of multicultural marketing and that has, for much time, guided our work.
With its strong focus on multicultural marketing, Michelsen Advertising has successfully developed multicultural marketing campaigns and events that target the Caribbean, Creole, African-American and Latin American niche markets. Additionally, for many years, we have worked with multiple business leaders within these cultural groups, expanding our awareness and understanding of multiculturalism. We ensure that each client’s brand and message is strategically designed to possess a cultural connectedness by having each campaign hit on cultural touch points.