Michelsen Advertising has recognized the need for Interactive Services as an important component to any company’s marketing success. Michelsen has adopted the capability to reach any client’s target audience using social media, digital marketing, blog developments, digital newsletters, and app creations. Michelsen also specializes in maximizing a company’s search engine optimization, or SEO (i.e., where the company organically shows on search engines like Google), during the process of web site development.
Overall, it is crucial the client recognize the need for digital marketing and interactive strategies in order to avoid getting lost in this “Digital Age.” And that is where we come in! Michelsen Advertising ensures that all digital opportunities are utilized and taken advantage of. All of our clients’ digital solutions are handled in one place, avoiding outsourcing to other groups. Since every interactive service can be monitored in one area, analytics can be optimized together and Michelsen is able to capture the most effective insights and results for their clients.