Creative & Web Design
Michelsen Advertising is has a complete in-house creative and web design department, possessing the latest and greatest in technology and software. The outstanding and innovative creative work from our creative department has earned Michelsen Advertising over 60+ industry awards, recognitions, and honors. This department assures all of our clients’ messages are clearly stated, correctly targeted, and contain the highest level of visual communication. deadline.
The Michelsen team serves as an extension of our client and gives them personal attention to better understand who exactly will be the target audience. By obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of who in the market they desire to reach, Michelsen more effectively (and knowledgeably) structures the creative and web design. Based on a client’s target audience is how Michelsen Advertising focuses the display of ideas in the creative pieces to be produced.
Michelsen stresses a strong collaboration with clients, involving them in all creative processes including presentations and revisions. Michelsen’s focus on a team effort with all parties thoroughly involved and focused on the ultimate goal of creative messaging is what propels clients to become leaders within their respective industries.