OUR 5 W’s

We position your company as a leader in your industry.

Our most distinguished strengths include our creative ability, our commitment to research, and our focus on general and multicultural niche markets. We are one of the most trusted agencies to work with. Our experience locally, regionally, nationally and internationally has provided an untarnished name with an outstanding reputation.


We always strive to deliver award-winning creative pieces, which has made
ichelsen Advertising one of the most decorated agencies for multicultural campaigns.


We have built a strong reputation for creating stylish and engaging advertisements that leave lasting impressions.


We perform extensive market research, using various resources, prior to launching our campaigns. In doing this, we provide our clients a more reliable understanding of our strategy and marketing approach.

We established the 5 W’s

As part of our market research study. We follow the 5 W’s to identify the product or service for each campaign.

Who is the potential consumer and target?

What is the message?

Where will this campaign take place?

When is the most profitable time to run the campaign?

Why… because your success is our goal!